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I had an affair with a married man, it lasted a couple of months. He broke it off said he didn't want to hurt his wife because she didn't deserve to be hurt like that. OK I agree. I told him that we shouldn't be friends anymore, he got mad at me said that he cares about me and we should still be friends. It's rare that two people flow as well as us we shouldn't waste it all. Stupid me I agreed. 4 months later I no longer work with him. I haven't seen or heard from him since the day I left. It's bad enough I fell for a married man but to actually think he cared about me and keeping me close. That's a whole new level of stupid. He just wanted me close to make sure I wouldn't rat him out to his wife. I beyond hate myself for all of this.

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  • Agreed. Tell his wife she deserves to know

  • Track him down. Tell his wife.

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