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I got depression several years ago because I was abused and hurt by my mother, I lost my father, I got thrown out at the age of 13, I lost all my friends and even my boyfriend due to depression, I get panick attacks every morning before going to school, I burst out in tears all the time and everywhere.. Everytime I try to open up to someone they just tell me to get over myself.

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  • i worked part time for a psycologists advanced training company and besides telling you that i'm glad to know that you still keep going (i knw i'm a stranger, but it touched me and it's not naturally to stay strong! )and advise you to try again with therapy i maybe can give you this tipps: first: since YOU are talking to a therapist, he/she is bound to not tell anyone, not even your mom! stress that out! it's all between you and that guy! in fact, it's illegal to tell your mom! and noone should ever dare to tell you to "get over it". you try your best and you can't do it all alone! search online for a good one, read resumees of clients (idk if that exists but i hope so) and stress it out that it was said to you before by a fellow of your new one, or, if you can, stress out your feelings about that sentence directly in front of that therapist! ou are worth something and have the right to say it out loud to everyone doubting it!

  • I wish I could give you a hug. Please be strong no matter what..remember life is never easy but try to find a way for yourself. What is your passion? What makes you happy? And please do get some help from people around you..find some other therapists. I am sure someone will understand. I am sure. All the best to you.

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