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I want to get plastic surgery... I haven't seen a photo of me smile showing teeth since I was 11. Every picture of looks crooked, because I try to look good, but my facial expression just gets ugly. At least the pimples are almost gone now. Is it wrong of me to want plastic surgery, when I don't even have the money yet? Is it acceptable to take out a loan for this reason? Can't tell anybody because I feel ashamed. All my friends and family know me as strong, independant, who just doesn't like pictures taken.

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  • i guess it's a teeth or mouth problem due to your writing. if so: go get it! teeth especially are such an important thing to be confident in normal life, giving speeches, feeling pretty! if it'S something different, ask yourself: is it affecting you in your normal life or just on pics? if it does also in daily life: go get it! of not.... well, I PERSONALLY would say no, wait or tal to someone about it. but i the end, i'm just an anonymous gal giing advice to something i don't really know about

  • well,it is extremely shallow and vain. but whatever floats your boat. the money (or debt) would be yours so who gives a fuck,go for it.

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