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I can't go to my 1st choice religious school because me and my girlfriend made some mistakes together. The hardest part is that she already goes to said school, so knowing that I can't get in now just breaks my heart... Especially since this is my 2nd time not getting in. The first was because of grades, and now my own choices. I hate myself right now.

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  • if you didn't do something morally wrong like killing, raing etc. it's okay to go there. whatever you did you seem to regret it, and that's what counts!! many religious rules were made to fit the moral of the time they were written, like don't having sex before marriage (cause back then, you could trick with who was the childrens father). you seem to believe in god (or gods or karma, since i don't know your religion) and being true hearted to believe in the existence and enjoying the life and opportunities he/they granted you really is the most important thing. being religious my self i know this struggle. and even if you did something WRONG, you can ask for forgiveness in prayers of at a priest etc. maybe it's a sign that you should and CAN change! try it! in my country there's that saying "everything god planned for you will eventually happen!" there can be misfortunes, because that's life, but try it! IT'S YOUR CHANCE! :)

  • How does the school know of those choices?

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