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I met a girl after highschool. She was funny, sexy and intelligent. we clicked really good you know? However I was too much of a coward to tell her that I fancied her more than anyone. Anyway, we never got the first gear going so we just became friends, really good friends too. I had never had such a close female friend but as always, it's not enough. We ended up living together as friend only relationship. This was years ago and eventually I told her how I felt, she did not feel the same so I moved out. I realize what a stupid idea it was but live and learn right? I broke the communication with her and had not even seen her for four years untill last weekend when I ran into her on the pub. We were both quite drunk and she came home with me and she confessed that she liked me all along, we had sex that night, the following morning I kicked her out and have not called her yet. I feel horrible for thinking in this simple-minded way of" She deserves payback " but on the other hand I feel bittersweet joy. by the gods, I am a horrible person.

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  • That's stupid. 'She wasn't ready' at that time. What if you try with her now?

  • Yet another proof that those "nice guys " are just horny bitter assholes.

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