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I was cheated on by my ex fiance. It really messed with my head. After a few months I dated my best friend. We didn't last (neither one of us really at fault. Distance and such) and now he and I no longer speak. I really regret it. Now I am too scared to date anyone... A couple of guys have asked me out over the last few years and I have turned them down due to no attraction to them on my part. I just feel like a failure for being in my mid 20's, single, and having to rent a room from my parents because I'm too scared to live alone.

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  • I think you should move out of your parents' house. It's not difficult, it's actually fun and i'm sure they can give you some tips. Oh and being a single is the best thing ever! You need friends, not a boyfriend right now. And stop saying you'r a failure, you're living n extraordinary life =) single and ready to smile all day =D

  • He cheated on me

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