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I can't stand mentally retarded people, especially if they're in my age group. I find them disgusting and a waste of flesh...and don't know how people manage to tolerate them, much less raise them.

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  • i hate how they get away with everything - - i know this autistic girl named jessie and she is the most unbearable cunt on planet earth.. she NEVER shuts up and shes high functioning but shes an asshole.. she gets away with being a bitch to everyone because shes "autistic" but she will tell you she understands but then continue to screw you over. like i said it has nothing to do with her disability, shes just an evil piece of shit

  • Same. I deeply despise the mentally retarded and autistics. They make me physically ill just looking at them, and if they try interacting with me all I feel is rage and disgust. The feeling is so disturbingly strong that sometimes it's literally all I can do not to try to hurt them or scream at them. I WANT to hurt them. I won't because I don't need a murder charge but it's not for any moral reluctance on my part. I truly despise them and think that every last one of them should be put down like the sub human animals they are. They're allowed to hurt whoever they want, break whatever they want, do whatever they want and people just expect you to take or or excuse it because of what they are. The whole world expects you to think they're sweet and wonderful and innocent and that couldn't be father from the truth. I can honestly say that if I ever had the misfortune to produce one of them I wouldn't keep it. If I was pregnant with a Downs child I would abort immediately. The others would be surrendered to the state the moment what they were was clear.

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