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I love my mother but most of the time I feel like a servant to her. He moment she gets home, no matter if I just go home from welding or a tough day at school, she guilt trips me into doing everything for her and it has messed me up for any relationships that have had. When I was little she used to yell so much at my brother and I, that until 7 years ago I was terrified of her. And even now if she starts yelling I end up freezing in place, trying not to cry.

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  • I was kike you and one day I went to her job and volunteered for school for a week and each day I came home I wanted to die I am so tired , 2 years later she and da got sick I had to prepare food cook clean take care of chores... imagine doing all this at the same time , thats what she had to do for you for so many years be patient. It gets better with time

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