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I want to play world of warcraft for a living. When I tell someone that they assume I am a no life nerd. Nerd, yes. But a no life? I have more of a life than half the damn teenagers out there. I have studied music avidly for 4 years, I have pole vaulted for years and made it to division finals, I take AP classes, good grades, I have a great social lide, and I can manage 2.2k rating in arena. It wouldn't be just sitting around playing a gane to me. I want to entertain people, make them laugh and also help them get better. Don't put me into your typical gamer category

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  • So you want to play a mediocre washed MMO for the rest of your life? Okay.

  • the reason you have to justify this so avidly instead of just doing what you claim to be your ''thing'' just proves you are very wrong.

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