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For the four years we were together, my boyfriend only wanted to do it in one position. Standard cowgirl. It did nothing for me. He didn't hit my G spot or play with my clit. I tried and I couldn't get my hand between us to touch myself. Every time I tried sitting all the way up so I could, he tugged me back down to suck on my boobs. Touching my boobs is nice, but it doesn't do that much for me. I rarely even came close to having an orgasm during sex. And on top of all that, he didn't appreciate foreplay. Grabbing my boob in the living room and taking me back to the bedroom was the only foreplay I got by the end of the relationship. I told him this. I tried making him get on top of me. I told him I wanted a new position, and foreplay, and that I wanted to finish during sex. He made an empty promise of maybe trying something new, but it never happened. When we first got together, he would do some foreplay with me. He would help touch me to orgasm after he finished. He did a little bit of kinky stuff with me. I enjoyed having phone sex with him. By the end of the relationship, all of that was gone. Foreplay was reduced to a little bit of kissing and touching, neither of which excited me anymore. When I finished by myself, he didn't even look interested. I could've been doing my taxes for all he cared. Only thing he cared about was the neighbors hearing me moan, and he didn't want that. He knew when we got together that I'm a screamer and I thought he liked it. I would've gotten more satisfaction if I just stayed home and did it by myself. He stopped doing the slightly kinkier stuff like eating out my ass. Phone sex with him turned into basically following a script and faking it. Fake moans, pretend I'm touching myself, tell him what he wants to hear, repeat until he finishes. I did that until he knew I was faking and I just started refusing to do it again. He even stopped cuddling me. That, on top of all our other problems not related to sex, is why I dumped him. Now that I'm free, I couldn't be happier. I realize now that I was settling. I'd say the relationship was emotionally abusive. I never want another relationship like that again.

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  • You should have left sooner there is nothing worse than a selfish lover

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