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I think people who deal with cheating spouses should stop blaming the third party. Its not like the other person has any responsibility towards you. Blame your spouse! Your spouse promised you something not the third party! God I hate stupid people who try to blame the third parties in attempts to absolve their s.o.

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  • It depends. The third party should be left out if he/she didn`t know there`s some cheating going on. But if the third party knew you are being cheated on and didn`t care, he/she should suffer the same because it`s a blatant case of disrespect. Just imagine the 2 of them laughing about you while they`re together. Hell no. They both must go down.

  • as a dude who was chased by the girl's boyfriend,that is true. she said to me she was single but she was fuckin with me. because she just wanted to see her boyfriend trying to beat me. crazy ass hoe.

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