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I really want to have sex with my gf, but I don't want to take her virginity away before marriage ! So we have never done it till now ! :(

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  • just ask her to give you a blow job or handjob and let you play with her body it would help you, i think .

  • No sex before marriage has always been something I view as naively self righteous. Accept it or not but sex is a huge part of a relationship and sometimes nomatter how good you may be to each other otherwise, if it turns out theres no sexual chemistry between you itll only make the marriage more tense. You need to experience everything with your partner before deciding whether to permanently establish yourself with them for life. It helps keep away future disappointment, infidelities and heartbreak. Im not saying be promiscuous, but its definitely a rite of passage for BEFORE marriage rather than after. In any case I wish you and your partner a very happy and mutually fulfilling life together. Hopefully you're among the cases that proves me wrong.

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