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Im the happiest girl ever, my boyfriend is everything I NEVER asked for... Life just handed me him, dk why but I am so grateful... Thing is... His mother is so smothering, she asfixiates him, he's and incredible basketball player with a very bright future which I know will be awesome... But his mom is just difficult to treat, she thinks he is still the little boy he used to be, (not to mention he is 2meters tall) but today something horrible happened, he ran late to do some errands with her (mom) and she totally freaked out... She acted like a maniac, began throwing stuff at him and finally started hitting him in his arm... I feel si impotent, i really want to do something about it... Suddenly this comes to my mind... I remembed about his mother's condition, what I mean is, since I know him (more or less 3 years) everyone has told me his mother has this strange disease which at first I refused to believe she did, but as time passed by I started believing this, since more and more people mentiones it to me, and not implying for an answer, just mentioning it like a fact, so this is a things everybody knows.. And I thought this would be an adequate time to tell him about this, since he is very surprised and disappointed at him.. Aaaaah just wished I could do something

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  • She need to see a therapist ! You should talk about it with your boyfriend.

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