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American and European dudes came down here for the world cup expecting our girls to be like they see in the porn videos,approaching them with ''yo girl will yo suck my dick'' and rude shit like that,only to realize our girls ain't the kind to be fucked with,and that they can't rape as easily as they do in their country. a local newspaper realesed a front page that had up to 20 mugshots of gringos with black eyes and it said ''Rapist gringos learn the hard way'' hahahaha cracks me up. then they go back to their countryes telling that Brazillian girls are ''rude and mean'' hahahahahaha with our girls,it's all about game and romance,not that ''suck my dick'' shit ,losers.

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  • Can't remenber how many times I was catcalled during the games. Good ti know they learned the lesson c:

  • Ahaha serves them right

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