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Me and my boyfriend have been together for five years. We are both 21. At this moment he is in law school and about a year ago he joined a sorority that I did not feel good about. I knew back then that the members of that sorority are used to drinking a lot of alcohol and smoke weed (a lot). He told me to trust him so I did, even though it was not easy. I knew he participated with the drinking and the smoking pot. On new years eve he told me that he had used al sorts of hard drugs in the past year (mostly with the members of the sorority he joined). He told me that he needed to get that off of his chest because he loves me and he sees a future together with me. So he felt the need to be honest. He stopped using the drugs, or so he says, and I am trying to forgive him. And to trust him again. But damn, it is hard. I love him for the manly, honest, sweet, loyal, faithful, hard-working, energetic and loving man that he is. But at the same time he often is really distant, has weird friends and tells me he wants to have a life of his own, too. A life where I am not involved. He tells me he feels like he is two different persons at the same time. He literally says:'I am feeding the good, and the bad dog of my soul. I dont know which one is going to win yet.' Meanwhile I feel like I am put on hold. His words does not rhyme with his actions. I often feel alone, really frustrated and put aside. Like he does not see me for the person I am. Sometimes I get so emotional my whole body hurts. He almost never reached out to comfort me at those moments. I tried to tell him how I feel in all sorts of ways but he does not seem to understand me. I love him so much but I dont know if he is the right man for me. I feel like I should really commit for once and for all, or end this relationship for good. What do you guys think?

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  • Dump hum!

  • Wtf those comment are so full of bullshit ! YES using drugs is a problem, and NO wanting to experiment drugs is not fun nor normal. I know it is hard because you love him but consider quitting. Its his life choices to loose you.

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