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My bfs brother is a maniac in need of institutionalization, and the other night he got pissed off at some stupid little thing and ended up hitting their little sister... So I got caught up in it and he started choking me.. After the fight was over, my bf was still at work so his mom advised me not to tell him about it or it would start it all up again.. Now I have bruises on my neck from 'wrestling with his sister,' a maniac who tried to kill me that I see daily, and I'm torn between splitting up a family by either calling the cops or telling my bf, and splitting me and my bf up by lying and keeping such a big secret.. And the brother only does this because he had chemotherapy and now believes his brain is fried and he can get away with it... And he does get away with it... He has episodes at least 4times a year, but this has been his worst

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  • Tell your boyfriend. DO NOT ALLOW OTHER PEOPLE TO MANIPULATE YOU INTO PROTECTING THIS MANIAC. He is NOT safe to be around. Call the fucking police.

  • My god please tell this to your boyfriend, he's supposed to be the one knowing the most about your life. His family is crazy :/

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