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So for you guys out there that are ugly and blame it for being alone,being ugly doesn't really matter to girls that much. is about confidence and,you know,just being generally nice to be around. i know this because i'm a male model and i was alone for quite some time until actually figuring it out. and don't blame girls for you being alone,that's just mean,desperate and dumb

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  • thats what girls always say but in honestly they want something to brag about. im not a lonely person but at first look girls will judge and approach if they get to know him they stay, but if he wasnt hot, handsome, cute whatever hed have to aproach her then if she like him shell stay. im mean I get it, give them confidence theyll be happier but just tell them its about confidence aproaching a girl not just waiting for one and if not ull consider urself ugly just if u like one aproach her dont wait maybe one day shell leave and ull regret not doing so.

  • Actually, looks also matter. IMHO people saying looks don`t matter are just hyppocrites acting like "look at me what a good person I am". I fucking dare any person who says looks don`t matter to date an ugly person. But maybe it`s all about standards. Good-looking people will want to date other good-looking people because their appearance gives them a certain standard to look up to. I`m slim and pretty so I wouldn`t date a fat, ugly guy, no matter how funny or smart he is. I can`t imagine having sex with a fat person. So yeah..among others, looks fucking matter.

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