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i broke up with a guy in october 2010 he was 57 and i was 19. i was out of my mind and desperate and yet un diagnosed with ptsd from the sex abuse i faced as a small child. once he started showing he had serious anger management problems... i left and cut him out of my life completely... in 2011 he started sending me emails every couple months saying he was in my neighborhood "for work" (too bad he lives in staten island and i don't even live in the nyc area) or he had "a friend that just happened to live" on my block he even said he wanted to honk but it was 1 am so he didn't...-_- now in 2015... his emails are more like every couple weeks... i have not repsonded to an email from him since 2011..but now i think he's also been watching me.. this is kinda creeping me out because he's not getting it...i told my friends and boyfriend and i mean ppl are saying go to the police but he's white and has a lot of police officer friends and i'm black.. i feel like they'd laugh and be like r u serious?... that sounds silly but now it feels like harrassment but not serious enough to have anything done about it

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  • You are a whore

  • don't talk to cops,useless is a compliment to them. i'm sure there is another way,ask help from a teacher or someone like that. if you're able to,you should move. what i would do in your situation would most likely send you to jail so i will not recommend it.

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