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I'm in my last year in high school and there's a girl in my class that I've had an insane crush on ever since she came last year. I just never had the balls to really talk to her, even on Facebook. You see, I'm kinda the school's goody-two-shoes "golden boy" and she's so badass with her full-contact sports and shady nature (everyone knows she's had a fucked up weekend on Monday morning, but nobody's ever seen her outside of school) and she's smart in class to boot. At first i kept waiting for her to talk to me by changing up my style and joking around a bit more in class, but I don't get anything more than a sly smile and a cynical comment. At least she spoke, but I feel like I need to get to her level somehow... Any tips for a desperate guy?

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  • You walk up to her and ask her out. It may not get you a date. But you will no longer be a desperate guy. You will be the badass who walked up to his crush and asked her out.

  • don't be a desperate guy is the most valuable advice you will recieve here.

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