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I am unable to trust men. It's not like I have a bad story to tell or anything. I feel guilty to men about his, believing that all they want is to satisfy their sexual needs. But all I feel is like I'm being used. I know a lot of other girls feel the same way, and even though we know that men aren't this bad, it doesn't help. I'm writing this so that men here will read this. Please be understanding of us, in the end we will open up to you if you show your sincerity.

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  • Plenty of guys can be jerks. Sadly, that is the way the world is. A healthy amount of skepticism and self-preservation is needed. But you may have gone a little overboard with it. Just because someone wants to have sex with you, that doesn't mean that that is all they want from you. And if you are unable to trust any man, it is not the fault of all men, and it might be something you need to work on.. After all, trust is given, not earned.

  • guys are pigs sometimes

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