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I act happy and make jokes all the time so i can make others happy. The truth is that i feel so alone and i feel like i have nobody i can really talk to. I feel broken inside and i wish i didn't. I don't want to bother most people with my problem so i just keep hiding my sadness behind my jokes but it's taking its toll on me now and it's becoming worse

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  • Talk to someone. Using humor is fine on occasion, but not when it is your mask that you use to hide the truth from the world. You need to talk to someone, try and get it out.

  • I truly know how you feel and I feel sorry for you because it's a very bad feeling. Do you have family members that you trust? Start telling them how you feel. I was afraid to tell people how I felt, but when I eventually told my sister and parents, they were really nice and they tried to understand me and now I can talk to them about my feelings. You have to be brave and tell someone, it will be a big relief. Maybe you will feel a little better by only telling someone how you feel. People aren't that bad, they will try to understand is my experience. And if not... you tried and can be proud of yourself for that. If you really feel you can't talk to anyone, go and find help and maybe go to a therapist. If you keep this up for longer, it will make you sadder and no one deserves that! Please love yourself and try to talk it off

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