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Nearly one year ago I dated a girl (both 18 at this time), she didn't have a lot of friends and after about one week of dating her life basically focused arround me. I enjoyed this somehow, because she respected me probably more than she should. She wasn't really educated and deeply religious, but she didn't mind that I am an Atheist and we had a enjoyable time together. However she was really prude. Even after three weeks of dating we haven't kissed yet, so I eventually ended it and friendzoned her, because our definitions of a relationship were just too different and I think it wouldn't have worked really well. I got into a relationship with another girl, wich lasted for more than one year, but she still has a crush on me (sometimes it's pretty obvious) and I still think she's really cute. Now that I'm single again I reconsider going out with her, but I can't really imagine a relationship with her, just because she's so prude and quite uneducated compared to my ex. I don't really know what would be the right decission, just trying to get this off my chest for now.

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  • Some girls just like to take things slow. There's nothing wrong with that. I broke up with an ex bf of mine cause he tried to kiss me when I wasn't ready. If you care about her, you'll let her take her time. It's not "medieval". Many Christians believe in abstaining from sex until marriage. If you don't like that, don't date her.

  • Treat her with respect and just be honest with her.

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