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My story is kind of complicated, and it will be kind of hard to grasp the concept, I guess, but I hope you read on anyway because I really want to hear some opinions about this. So, starting at the start: I met her through a friend when we were children, and we hated each other. We even got into physical fights. Still we were kind of forced to spend quite some time together, because of our common friend. When we were teens (I was 15, she was 14) we met again, and everything just kind of clicked. We suddenly had so much in common - we liked the same music, the same books, the same films, had similar opinions on politics and religion and were weird enough to like discussing those things, as well as art and other normally unpopular stuff in a circle of friends that revolved around drinking and ... well, you get the picture. We have the same shoe size, so we always kept on exchanging shoes, and she loves to do my make up and hair, and since her family is extremely rich (Richie Rich-rich, not only ordinary rich), she kind of started to spoil me by dressing me up like a doll - half of her wardrobe is in my size because she thought it would look good on me. We traveled together, taught each other new things, went to concerts, and after 2 years of seeing the world and enjoying our youth, we moved in together officially. We spent all our time at each others places anyway, so it made no difference. We were great as housemates. Although we both don't like cleaning and stuff on our own, we liked doing it together. We built lots of our own furniture ourselves, and made an old house our dream house. We even got into gardening and made our own garden. She is now leading the company her father built, and I am running a small Café/Library. We basically lead the lives we always dreamed of. We have enough money to never worry about anything, and since we both don't want any children and never are able to keep up long lasting romantic relationships anyway, we still live together. I am bisexual and she is heterosexual, and we had in no way ever a sexual relationship. But we decided to get married anyway. We love each other in a way that we have never felt for any other human being, and I highly doubt that I can love any other man or woman in a way that is equally as strong. So now we are a married couple, and since we basically lived as a couple all the time anyway, it makes nearly no difference, except for the tax relief. But last week, we met an old friend again. To be more precise, one guy I once had a kind of affair with when I was a teen, back in that group of friends that brought her and me together. And he told us it was wrong to lead a life like this. I am not really doubting our lifestyle, since we both are so insanely happy living as we do. But I want to know, if you on here, knowing that we never will lead a normal marriage with sex and the kind of love that the classic husband and wife couple feel for each other, think our choice was wrong. Do you think it is wrong that we are married, even though our love is strictly platonic? Please comment, if you read through this. And thank you for reading this rather long confession.

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  • no I don't think it's wrong it's destiny I suppose the way life created this for you in my view it's not a decision to change its in the making.

  • I think your life sounds great! Don't worry what others say. If you're happy, you should continue down that road.

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