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My marriage was really rough for a few months then I found out my husband cheated on me because I tested positive for chlamydia. He refused to admit it, but I forgave him, and our relationship has improved. Now I'm worried I'm pregnant again and have no idea how he'll react if I am since he feels that he'll need to stay in the navy if I am. I'm so stressed out and I get so angry with him. I have no one to talk to

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  • I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. I have been through the same thing. Just because you forgave him doesn't mean that you have forgotten it. It doesn't make you an idiot as someone on here has stated. I really hope that you both can work things out. Esp if you do find out that you are pregnant. Best wishes to you!

  • You need a more closer relative to discuss this with; one who can understand and comprehend your situation. These internet goofs don't seem helpful to me... your case is pretty darn serious.

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