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I'm glad to hear my ex is moving back to this state. It proved to me that he's a sad, little spoiled narcissist who runs when things get hard and he doesn't get his way. For all his putting me down and abusive fights about how i wouldn't survive without him, turns out, I'm doing pretty darn well. Dream university, amazing bf, finishing my BS a year ahead of schedule, wonderful family, happier than ever.

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  • GladGladt your live works out for you :) everyone deserves happiness (that also includes your ex) BUT I am really possessive off by the careless way a lot of people use the term "abuse" or "abusive". Stop victimizing yourself it only hurts the actual victims and lessen their credibility

  • Thanks for coming to my defense there! I'm not So much bragging as i am getting it off my chest. This is, after all, a forum to post what's on our minds and hearts.

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