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I'm only posting here because I want to whine but I don't want people to hear me. My 18th birthday is coming up soon on the same weekend as the local carnival and I'm alone and flat broke. As in, I don't even have enough money for food, let alone a birthday bender. I'm alone because even leaving my house is too expensive and everyone will be too busy and drunk at the carnival with their other friends to even stop by for a hug or a hello. I lived on my own in a small flat since I was 16, so the only company I usually have is my pet snake, but human interaction makes me so happy, even just a quick chat would do. So that's my coming-of-age celebration, home alone eating crackers on my bed with a python and the last of the baggie I saved from Christmas. Sorry about the bitching, I just have nobody else to vent to and it hurts being alone for so long. I bottled it up for so long that I've just broken down online.

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  • Hey, happy birthday !

  • Boo-Hoo! The druggie can't buy his hungry tummy some food. Maybe sell your drugs? (Ha Ha! Right?)

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