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Here's a typical story for you fellas: I am friend with a girl since September and we began to talk and be really good friends since November/December. We talk a lot on facebook, sharing some music, some movies, ideas , she talks about her, everything was quiet good. Until... I made the mistake (if it is one) to fall in love with this girl. She is amazingly fun and serious in the same time, cute as fuck... God I love her eyes and the way she plays with her hair when she is thinking or bored... I feel so good when we talk together, but the thing is I was too insisting with her in December, she began to put a distance from me because I was arousing her too much... I spent the worst christmas ever, thinking about my mistakes, hating myself.. Then I took the decision to be cold with her, to be distant too, si when she was initiating a conversation my sentences were short and I was kind of cold. I thought that would be better than constantly talking to her... But some days ago she told to a friend that she was suffering of that, of my behaviour, that she didnt want to lose me as a friend.. But she already feels that I love her, she told that to my friend..(in a way, there is a chance she loves me back). I talk to her again and everything is alright but I'm scared to tell her my feelings. Indeed, I'm scared to tell her that I'm so good when I'm with her, so scared of a friendzone I could never accept.. I should tell her by now but I'm scared that its too early, but I'm scared to tell her too lately, if she changes her mind and goes with another guy, to let her go... Please help me guys

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  • Well, thanks for the help guys, i asked her, she doesn't feel the same for me, i feel miserable as fuck because i still care about her... So painful not to be with the one you love the most

  • Take her out on a nice date. Tell her at the end of it. Make sweet love. But seriously, waiting won't help. Whether you tell her now or not won't affect how she feels about you now or later.

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