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Ive never been in love and I dont know what it feels like. How does it fee to have someone who loves you?Whats the best part of it? Is it scary when someone knows all of you? Please, tell me because I dont know.

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  • The precedent answer is so funny for me to read as it has nothing in common with my own experience ! He said he lwas in love, i was "mentally attracted" (physically too but i dont consider appearence important in a couple) but I wasnt in love. I decided to try as he seemed to have things to bring and to share with me. Fist, I wasnt sure to be with the right guy, always felt we didnt understand each other - I wasnt seeking for his company as a really all-by-herself girl, and this lasted six months - i absolutely never wanted to leave though. This was a really weird period, i was so sure we had something in common, something to share and the reality was a bit disappointing. I began to fall in love a bit later and my love grew every time i spent with him. We are together for 3 years now and he is the most awesome human being ever (to me), i am madly in love and our relationship is full of joy and beautiful. Love exists in so many different ways. Hope that you'll find your love soon. <3

  • At first you feel giddy all the time, think about them all the time, want to talk to them all the time. The puppy love stage. You find everything they say funny, every little gesture and thing they say or do cute. You'll text them or talk to them late into the morning, every time your phone goes off you hope its them, you smile. You may plan your day around them. If it's reciprocated, your love, you can feel energized and 'floating', happy a lot, find yourself smiling more than usual. At least I did. I'm 22, I've been married for 2 years now. I still just get a stupid smile on my face while I watch my husband talk about his day. I just sit and watch him while he eats breakfast because I can't take my eyes off him. His smile still mesmerizes me, I love his laugh. It's not scary that he knows every deep secret of mine. It's comforting. Comforting that someone knows all of me, that I can trust them with it and that they still love me for who I am and who I was. He can take good care of me, knowing all of my problems and fears and knows just how to cheer me up or what to do. For a personal input here, I had depression for 6 years, I no longer take medication or have it because my whole world was changed by him. I am a completely different person, in a good way, a better person. I am happy and upbeat and have a positive self image. I look forward to waking up, if only to get to spend time with him. :3 I hope this help <3

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