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I live alone, i have no job and no real goal in life. This does not really concern me, i guess i want to live my life of welfare just like my alcoholic dad. But the loneliness is slowly eating away at me. I hug a pillow and let my thoughts wander until i end up crying, this happends daily. I'm anxious and insecure, but when i'm with friends i'm always the "funny in a weird way" kinda guy. I do not really know what this will change, but yeah, that's a short version of my life. Thanks for reading, haha

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  • live in the moment, forget the rest. you'll feel better and find ways to improve your moments, which will in turn improve your life

  • I feel sad for you, please dont live a welfare+loneliness life. You are probably an awesome human being and you deserve much better. Find something you love, even if it wont get you much money, who cares. Just find something you love and do it. Look for friends, even on the internet, registrer on a dating website, try to find someone to love and who's going to love you back. Please don't cry, just fight for the life you want. I am with you <3

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