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My best friend and my boyfriend hate each other to death. My best friend is gay, romantic, loves litterature and my boyfriend is kind of a gamer, studying mathematics, rational and stuff. They hate each other since they were in high school, because of childish old stuff and still today, my boyfriend tells me that my best friend is a pathetic human being, and my best friend wants me to leave my "shitty boyfriend". I actually have a perfect relationship. This hurts because I can never do things with both them, and I cant even thing about inviting my best friend to my future wedding (I am engaged to my boyfriend). Do you have a solution ? I would love so much them to like each other. :( sorry for my bad english

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  • If they both cared about you they would let it go

  • Tell both of them, just for that day, to suck it up and put aside their differences. Obviously it is very important to you to invite your best friend to your wedding. Your fiancée ought to respect that. And your best friend ought to behave nicely too, towards your boyfriend. Just for that day. Because they both love you, in their own ways. They need not be chummy, and they may avoid obe another all night. As long as they don't get at each other's throats.

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