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My family keeps trash talking my half sister because she keeps her distance from my family but it's not her fault! They did horrible things to her, my dad had her when he was young and immature and his sister was so mean to her and gave her the worst food while my other half siblings got the best! And they called her a whore and a child of the devil! She was only 6 and it left her traumatised. The same is happening to me, my childhood my aunts only gave presents to my older siblings and nothing for me and also they told me that I'm nothing compared to my siblingss they also had awesome bdays and presents while mine was always at my house with only my parents. The most traumatizing part for me though was at the park where my aunts only wanted to swing my siblings and not me and I was left crying alone while my mom didn't even care and only told me to shut up so I can relate to her. Families are complicated...sorry for the length I just had to get it out and thanks for reading.

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  • That sounds terrible OP. I hope you can get away from these people ASAP.

  • Try to find a good life from now on

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