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I perform experiments on myself with carefully planned methods and record the findings. By experiments I mean studying the effects of sleep/wake cycles, nutrient deficiancies, sensory stimuli, mental stimuli, everything I can do without accidentally killing myself really. I have come close to that before, but my fascination with the human body pushes me to continue. My next series of experiments will be comparing my long term and short term memory recall sober to memory after the ingestion of five types of drugs with vastly different effects. Wish me luck :)

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  • The memory trial was to remember to write a list of 5 items on a post-it for STM (short term memory) and what needed to be written were 5 events from my past for LTM (long term) and was done over the span of 5 days to ensure that I was sober before the trials. A video camera was set up to record what I do in case I lose conscious thought and overall control of my actions because I chose not to have a bystander present in case my loss of control becomes a safety hazard. The substances were tested in order of the time taken to recover from them from shortest to longest. 1) Alcohol- Wrote down one-word emotions from the events on a random scrap of paper because I forgot where the post-its were. 2) Marijuana- Wrote on the post-it in short sentences accompanied by cartoons and spent 3 hours on it due to stopping to reminisce. 3) LSD- Stared at the post-it for 5.32mins before scribbling Dali quotes on it and talking to it about ethical values and existential theories. 4) Bath Salts- Ate the post-it and sang a series of songs related to the events while throwing myself about the house naked and covered in soap. 5) Methamphetamines- Wrote everything down in explicit detail covering 4 post-its in 26mins then folded them into origami fish and lotuses to make a paper pond scene.

  • make a Homepage and post your experiments

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