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When my girlfriend broke up with me, she said she wanted to still be friends. Apparently that meant she would come to my weekly dance nights with her new boyfriend, and dance with him right next to me. She moved out three weeks ago, we were together for years. She never went to those dance nights when we were together. Dancing was my outlet, it was my way of tuning out the fact that I miss her terribly.

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  • No she'sdoing it deliberately, even if it may not seem like it. Personally, I would either promptly cut her off or play the Dame game she's playing

  • that ''still be friends'' shit has nothing to do with being friends,it's usually a way of keeping a dumb competition of showing who's happier after the break up,but because you we're not aware of what she was doing,she just thinks she won. don't go down to her level,just pretend that she's dead. go to a funeral of someone you don't know and watch from a far imagining it's your ex,make up a detailed story of how she died in your mind,it might help. i never had to go that far but if i had,that's what i would do.

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