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I feel like God is punishing me. I was always competitive and wanted to be the best. I succeded for myself. My oldest daughter got the worst of me. I was very demanding and very strict. I used to beat her, all in my attempt to have her be the first at anything. And, thank God, she was at the top. She`s graduated Law and works a very lucrative job. I only realized she was a blessing after my youngest daughter went to school. Hell began. She won`t learn anything, ever. All teachers complain about her. No matter how much time I spend with her on her homework, somehow she still gets one of the worst grades in class. She`s going to tutoring for 5 different subjects and nothing sticks to her. It makes me feel ashamed because I`m well known and have a reputation to uphold. It`s really difficult for me to go from a straight-A daughter to a daughter that might not even get into highschool... What`s even worse is that my youngest attends the same school as my oldest daughter and most teachers remember what a good student my oldest was and they keep bringing it up and I`m afraid my youngest will start resenting my oldest daughter. It`s 12 years between them and my oldest doesn`t come home very often so the sisters are not really close..

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  • You are a horrible parent with terrible priorities for your kids. I pity your kids. You are afraid your daughters will resent each other? I would not worry about that. I would worry about both of talking and connecting because of how much they resent you.

  • It seems like you have a lot of issues yourself, maybe you should consider seeing a therapist

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