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I want to leave my wife. She's always talking about money. Not the "money is my god" type but she's always telling me to save up, don't but this, you don't need that type but all i want is to live my life happily. I don't care if i need to spend too much money. I'm sick of her telling me what to do with my money!

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  • You are an adult in an adult relationship. You have to carefully save your money now so you can buy a house, car, and other necessities for living well. You also have to invest your money for the eventual future in which you no longer work and need a source of income to survive from retirement to your death. And lastly shame on you for seriously considering leaving your wife because you want to throw money away on liquor drugs and whores. Grow up you fucking idiot man-child.

  • How dare she make you save your money like a responsible adult!

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