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My bf cheated on me when we had only been together for 5 months, then again a few months later. He hasn't slept with anyone, he's only been making out. Yet I can't forgive him and it's ruining our relationship. We've been together 2 years now. There isn't a day where I don't think about and imagine him being with those girls. I feel so empty and like I'm no good to anyone. I'm thinking that one day I'll find a guy who won't cheat and takes me as I am, but I can't let go of mu current bf even tho he's made me feel like a meaningless crap. The funny part is - after all he's done and how loyal I've been, He's the one who wants to end our relationship and whose feelings have faded away. While I still love him and wish to be with him and try to make my best to make this thing work again. Just how the hell am I supposed to forget and forgive the cheating and treating like a piece of s**t part?

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  • He cheated on you, twice. He tried to brake up to you. He make you feel like crap. So, the question is: why are you with him? Why do you wanna be with him?? Because you "love" him? Dont you love you must? If he cheated on you before, trust me, he will do it again, and not just "making out". He is treating you like crap just cause you LET him. Love yourself and dump him.

  • if his feelings wouldn't fade, you would probably waste another 2 years with that jackass.if i were you (or me from the past),i wouldn't waste any more time with him. i went through something similar a few years ago, was cheated, dumped, lost my group of friends to her. i was very depressed for over 2 years after, i still had feelings for her, couldn't have a normal relationship, until almost three years ago when i met my actual girlfriend, (i began to think of her romantically before her, at that time she was after a guy who pushed her back and forth like a toy and didn't actually liked her). over the past three years we healed each other and rebuilt our confidence, and now we live together.

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