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Just after a month I turned 18, I started to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I couldn't move from too far from my house and I was constantly afraid of death and sickness. I begin to have a severe depression and started to visit a psychiatrist. Social life was a disaster. For 2 years I took antidepressants, without facing the real problem. After 2 years from the end of the "cure" I was good and well but I started to fall inside the circle again. Anxiety, panic attacks and severe depression from them. Then I went to a psychologist and I faced the problem. It was all in my head, I had nothing wrong with my body or health. I started to gain trust in myself and after 6 months I came out clean and a stronger person, without any kind of medications. Now 2 years have passed and I feel amazing. I have an amazing girlfriend and amazing friends. To everyone claim they have depression, face your problems. Don't hide and, above all, don't be ashamed. Look for help anywhere you can. You will start feeling better soon.

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  • thank you so much for writting this. I have a bad depression and often see no way out. This helps me allot. Just to know there is an end to all of this.

  • Your words really help. Thank you

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