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Because I was severly bullied throughout my teens, I always make everyone smile and do my best to make them happy so they like me, but also get exploited very often. My first BF just left me out of the blue because he only sees/saw me as a friend. We were soulmates, laughed, whispered sweet nothings, never fought. I weeped myself out for hours and thought I was getting depressed again. But there's nothing. And no one notices since I still smile and act happy to not make anyone concerned or uncomfortable. I feel absolutly nothing anymore.

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  • I;ve been through similar settings. It feels as if you say something, you'll bother someone by just mentioning it, and is much easier to just stop feeling than to deal with your feels. Forget about the world for a sec and try focusing on the small things in life.

  • I have the exact same history. But I am tired, and I want to die.

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