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I am 20 years old and am thinking of getting a vasectomy cause I hate children and don't wanna get married

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  • I feel you. Only that I'm a woman, and the last time someone cut my stomach open there were so many problems that I sure as hell won't do it again. And If I take the pill I get complications too (did you know that stuff can make you depressed? Because it apparently can! It can also give you migraines lasting 3 days twice a week! Yay for science ...) and the other stuff proved unhelpful too. I fear I'm going to end up with about 5 children, just because nothing ever goes as I planned. :/

  • do it, planet doesnt need more children, besides, being a parent is completely awful, stressing and a responsability for the entire life. Children dont make couples happier, it is all the opposite.

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