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We have a new work colleague. A higher-up. Older. The colleagues from my office found his facebook profile and found a picture of this man, in bathing shorts, next to a fire grill. All Hell broke loose. Everyone slammed him for being naked (it was just in his shorts), for being naked at his age (he`s almost 60), for being naked outside of a beach (he seemed to be in a private yard, making BBQ). One woman even asked if internet cafes` still exist, so she could e-mail his picture to our big bosses without leaving her IP. And I`m here asking myself: why are people doing this? We will all get old so, naturally, our bodies will get old. If it was hot outside and the guy was making a BBQ, what`s the problem with him being only in bath shorts? Less clothes for the BBQ smell to hang on.. As I`m writing this, they`re still talking about how wrong he was. WHY? I see nothing wrong with it. Him being in bathing shorts in a picture on his profile doesn`t mean he`s automatically less professional, less smart or less worthy to be treated nicely. Half the people trashing him barely do their jobs...I know this because I have to double-check everything coming from their hands. And here they are, on their high horses trashing someone that has twice their accomplishments. It disturbs me how judgemental people are..

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  • You should tell them that

  • That is why I am afraid to have a job at an office. People are all snakes and alligators.

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