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I just need somebody to listen to this, cause I feel like everything is getting worse and worse and I can't control the situation. My best friend is in love with me (that's what he says but I don't think is love but possession) and we tried to date together for a month, but it didn't work. Before that we promise each other to respect us and to not control the other's life, even if we were dating somebody else. Then I started dating a guy who is incredibly amazing, sweet and clever and my best friend decided that it was high time we cut our friendship. If I couldn't be his, he wouldn't talk to me. However I missed him a lot, I broke up with my boyfriend and we became friends again. Everybody is telling me that he's manipulating me, trying to control everything that I do and I know it. But I'm weak and I don't find a solution, I just can't stop talking to him, but he's driving me up the wall. Please, before commenting don't tell me that I am an asshole, stupid or things like that. I have feelings, and I'm suffering

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  • it isnt convenient to trust in someone who is in love with you.

  • your friend is as asshole

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