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Hi there I'm in a spot of bother at the moment with a girl (typical) but I really like her and she supposedly likes me. But the other day I had a 20 minute session from her having a go at me when I didn't talk to her once at a training session for triathlons because I decided to ride a fixed gear rather then a racing bike. So the next session tried to talk to her but she gave me minimal answers and was more flirty with another guy but I don't get it because I talk to her all of the time like whenever I can and on fb regardless of what I am doing. Sounds pathetic but please help :)

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  • She's just trying to ignore and making you jealous, that's all. Act normally and sort it out when she decides to have a blame game with you. Be supportive, but authoritative.

  • I rode a fixed-gear when I was four :/

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