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My life is boring. It's just hours of school and TV shows. I'm trying to hang out with my friends and stuff but they just don't want to. They prefer to stay home and communicate online which is not good. We're not supposed to spend our lives by computer but we do, cause there is not much of a choice.

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  • Its the same thing with my friends.😔 I have so many ideas what we could do but they only hang around at home. But the shitty thing is that my parents always say that i don't do anything, but the reason for that are my friends 😩 I sometimes think that our generation has and will have serious problems because of the Internet and all that shit

  • try out new things..try cooking..try fishing..try make money..try investing...try sleep on time..try looking at stars, animals, sky, clouds, trees..try visit ur parents or siblings, try cleaning ur house, try jogging, try grocery shopping, try (if u are girl) make up,fingernail painting...try gardening..try swimming bring some friends..try play sports (any)..try teaching others good stuff...try blend fruits altogether haha, try to be funny..try listening to ppl..try walking in the park..try helping ur mom throw the garbage..try hug day..etc

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