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I had the weirdest experience this morning. I woke up from a dream, in fact, I woke up to find myself to be in love. I have never felt this way ever before. It was like if I had found the person I wanted to spend a long long time with. Call it chemistry, whatever, it just felt so good, and the cozy feeling followed me around for half a day. The thing is that all this emotion was directed to a person I cannot recognize but I do know that it was a guy.. And I´m a guy.. I didn´t expect this.. I´m confused

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  • that means a loving person is on his way to ur life..but not as a gay tyoe of person..he may be a wise old man that u respect..he may be an intellect that save ur day in case u hv broken tv..or he may be ur best buddy..list goes on..good stuff coming ☺

  • Well, find out who he is (if I got it right that you didn't recognize him) and cuddle the fluff out of him :D Except this not recognizing him part, everything's fine. Good luck!!

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