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The last Birthday Party I threw was when I was 11. About 12 people were there, all of my freinds. For some reason (that I don't understand myself) I haven't thrown one since then, because I was afraid what would happen if no one showed up. I don't think I'm going to celebrate my 18th birthday either.

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  • when i was 8 years old I wanted to throw a big birthday party like in the show "sweet 16" (i'm german and in that time i couldn't really understand what they were talking about. i only knew that they had some big glamorous birthday Partys). so i was allowed to invite my whole class of elementary school and some friends from the neighborhood. there were about 30 children. at first it was fun but then everything went out of control: some just ran around screaming and played in the garden, some ate sweets and other food from our kitchen, some sat in my room and played with my favourite toys and almost no one was celebrating with me :( (like in that one spongebob episode^^) lesson learned. never threw a party again, never went clubbing or visited a houseparty of my friends..and i'm fine with it.

  • well same here im almost 16 and i dont know if trhowing a party or maybe just a litltle trip to the movie thearer or somewhere and then with ur familily

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