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I mostly don't want to give you my age, because i am afraid of you telling me that i will have to grow up, or that i am to young for the stuff i confessed. I am 15 and probably more mature than many other people my age are. I always fall for the older and more expierienced people and i am also into some stuff you wouldn't want me to be into because of the age. But honestly, what do you think about this.

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  • Did you spank it to a snuff film you found on TOR?

  • Uhmm. About what? Because you basically just wrote your age, that you didn't want to write, and that we will judge you because of stuff you're into. You didn't name the stuff you were into. I mean, I don't care. If you like older people, go ahead. Hell, if you fall for an 80 year old guy/woman, not my business. But the people judging you on here are probably just annoyed that you didn't even write a problem and kind of accused us of being stuck up pricks hating on teenagers :) (What I'm saying is: Just write what you mean, we don't know you. And why wouldn't I want you to be into that "some stuff" you don't even name. I don't know you, you don't know me, and if that stuff isn't about violently slaughtering people or animals or inflicting unwanted pain on living beings, then, as I said, go ahead. Whatever. We don't care.)

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