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Is anyone else really scared about the Isis threat towards us...I'm so scared for America and Japan.

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  • No. It's a fabricated crisis to scare us into eating more Big Macs or some shit. Remember Syria and how Bashir al-Whoever was going to dirty bomb NYC? Or that time N. Korea had a nuclear weapon ready to fire at Los Angeles? It's all made up bullshit. ISIS is only, and will only ever be, a threat to the people who already live in some shitty war-torn North African "country" (I'm using quotations because they really don't have any functional govts). Sorry you live in the sandbox, fucking move to Canada

  • They are literally neckbeards with guns. they got tired of being made fun of in their homes so they joined a neckbeard army. anybody can kill them with a little effort. of course not the US,the biggest military in the world,because there is no oil involved. but a any decent army can do it.

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