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on Monday I found out the the love of my life of 3 years got the girl he has been denying of any relationship with pregnant. I found out because he was sleeping and she sent him a text saying to give her the money so she could go to the abortion clinic. I went through his phone and saw all the texts. Got stabbed in the heart and in the back.. I left him and told him I never Want to see him ever again... i hate him so much for this but it also makes me so sad. we had plans to get married and he even talked about proposing to me this year.... I feel so destroyed and lost... :( not a good way to start the year but at least I got him out of my life even though it hurts like hell.

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  • Better you found out now than after you were married. Im sorry he betrayed you like that, but you're better off without someone like that in your life.

  • Think of it in a positive way, I believe that good things will happen to you soon and hopefully find a faithful one, it will be harder if you find it when you are already married.

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