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Racists are one of the many cancers that infect this world. its a shame they were taught to hate and its even worse they will teach their kids to hate. it is a never ending cycle. the truth of the fact is that people like that will always be here no matter how hard we try.

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  • no worries on the english. It was pretty good :). Anyway, some racist are born and taught that way which is sad, some learn from the tv which is worst knowing even more fall for it. However some stereo types of a race are true which creates racist from their actions. Was I against one race before college? nope. believed they just had a different skin tone and culture in some cases. after college? yes. they are sloppy, most ignore people who are rooming with them that they personally do not know, does not respect property, and so on. this is no one time thing. no 1 person, 1 set of people, this is a yearly thing that has happened to not only me but friends of mine, The college has people from all over the country so more than just the locals have the issue.

  • this is totally true, this is also TV's fault.

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