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"how are you so skinny I dont get it, I hardly eat and im soooo fat" I litterally just watched you eat and entire box of chocolates and a bag of beef jerky, thats prob more calories than I eat in a day. (not body shaming, this just happened to me today and it sort of pissed me off)

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  • This encourages the modern plague of sickness: Anorexia and Bulimia! You are a twat.

  • I also have a work colleague that is fat, complains about being fat but does absolutely nothing. On the contrary. We ordered lunch together a few days ago. She also ordered desert. I didn`t. I`m skinny because I eat healthy. Deep-fried food and sweets aren`t healthy, so I don`t eat them, so I stay skinny. Fat people have only themselves to blame. And, in certain limited situation, some underlying health condition. But in 98% of the cases, fatties are fat because of poor judgement and lack of discipline.

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